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Reassembling service

Papa Movers can handle the dismantling and reassembling of items that are difficult to relocate, such as beds, expensive antiques, trampolines and cubby houses. Sometimes things are too large to move, hence our efficient team will carefully dismantle items and reassemble them at your new home. Ask us for more information.


Kitchens have always been the heart of the Kiwi home but nothing makes time spent in the kitchen quite as enjoyable as having everything set up just the way you like it. Mitre 10’s Flat Pack Kitchens make that possible with a range of modern, stylish and surprisingly affordable kitchen options you can design and build yourself.


The bedroom usually has some of the most difficult and cumbersome furniture to assemble such as wardrobes and beds. These are awkward because of their size and weight. Wardrobes tend to be difficult because they have large heavy sides and doors and may need to be assembled upright if there is not enough space to assemble them flat on the floor. Making the doors look level and straight can also be difficult. Securing the wardrobe to the wall must also be taken into consideration which will help to prevent it from ever falling forward and potentially injuring someone. Beds tend to be difficult because it can be awkward to maneuver and lay out the parts.

Living room

When packing any electronic item, consult the manual first for moving directions in living room. We advise you to pack your electronics in the original boxes they came in, but you can also purchase specialty electronics boxes from most household movers. If neither option is available, a simple, sturdy box will do fine.

Dinning room

Preparing your dining room for a move requires extra time and care. Since packing your dining room primarily consists of packing china, crystal, flatware and dining room furniture, you will want to pay special attention to how you pack each item. Since china and crystal stemware is very fragile, proper packaging is necessary in order to help protect against damage during transit..


At your request Yes, We can also assist you with these tasks as well

1. Preparing

we help you from start to finish

2. Collecting

Being Organized Is Very Important

3. Moving

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